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Help Oden Gallery Open Store in Vancouver

Meredith Nicole has launched an Indiegogo campaign to add a brick-and-mortar store to the online Oden Gallery!


Helping to connect North American Furniture Artisans to lovers of home furnishings and patrons of the arts!


We are taking our revered online platform,”Oden Gallery”, and creating a physical presence in Vancouver, B.C. The gallery will be a modern inspired showcase of handcrafted home furnishings from North American Artisans and a place for discerning clients and art patrons to source, purchase and commission work.

Oden will offer a collection of work from Oden’s furniture artisans, as well as promote professional artists in the community and expand our offerings to include wall art, and furnishings made in metal, textile and ceramic.

We hand-pick and represent artisans who have fine-tuned their craft. The work produced is rich in detail, seductive to the touch, employs the finest materials, and truly shines when experienced in person. Until now, potential clients could only source our work online, which kept them from experiencing the work first hand. A physical location will help us meet our artisans need for representation and product distribution as well as curate a full and empowered purchasing experience for clients.

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