cast iron process

Cast iron – learning a “new” process

I’ve been working on a cast iron project with a client and we are expecting the first cast samples within a week! Super excited to see them after what has been a long project. One of the best parts about new projects, as a consultant who works in many fields and industries, is learning “new” processes. I put it in quotations because of course casting iron is far from a new technology, but designing for it is new to me. Learning about the process of pattern making and casting has been tremendously interesting and I am stoked to add it to my skill set. For a really informative look at how the process is done, check out this video from the 1940’s (like I said, it’s only new to me!). Thanks to Dylan Bruins of Lethbridge Iron Works for the link and a ton of help throughout the process, as well as Gary Amstutz at Dependable Industries Ltd.


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