3D Printing Footwear?

In this article by DeFY. New York (a sneaker website), Recreus shows some interesting concepts (make sure you check out the video of them printing a shoe and then folding it up). The styling is not so great, in my opinion, but that is really not the point. As these materials get better (available strength, flexibility, durometer) and we gain more control over how many materials we can combine in one print, it is concepts like these that will open up new avenues of exploration and innovation, so I applaud them for their push forward with printed shoes.

Also found this post by someone testing out 3D Printing of 3 types of available flexible filament.

This infographic was sent to me by Naomi at www.bestcomputerscienceschools.net. I don’t know anything about their site, but it is a pretty cool graphic with a lot of info about 3D printing and where it may lead.


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