Upcycling Local Waste Material to Help Others

Local (North Vancouver, BC) skateboard manufacturer Rayne Longboards came up with a great solution to the waste wood they were creating. Not only did the solution upcycle the wood for new products, but it created at least one job, helped at-risk youth, and donates money to the Sauder School – Africa program. Sustainability at its best.

The scrap wood is turned into wall hangings by youth at Tradeworks Training Society in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. This program is funded by Skills Canada and “helps marginalized youth deal with their social issues while teaching them carpentry skills and eventually transitioning them into the workforce.” The wall hangings are sold at and distributed by The Eco Floor Store and will hopefully bring in enough revenue to pay an employee to handle sales and marketing, and still donate $30,000 to the Sauder-Africa program.

BCBusiness has more info here.

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