Hettich Makes Cool Furniture Hardware

I’ve always been a fan of the hardware that comes with Ikea furniture, or that you can find at Lee Valley Hardware, etc. It just makes me want to design more furniture (which I am finally doing!).

These videos from Hettich show not only some sweet furniture hardware, but a company that is actually helping people work with and install their products. Too many companies give a very half-hearted attempt at user guides, etc. Hettich has a whole series of videos for people installing on new builds, using their hardware to retrofit older pieces, and for designers hoping to use the hardware in uncommon applications…

One thought on “Hettich Makes Cool Furniture Hardware

  1. Sorry, just saw this comment Jen. Hettich may have a testimonials page, you will have to contact them directly. I was just commenting on how cool some of their hardware is.

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