Why I Design Event at the MOV

As part of the inaugural Vancouver Design Week, I recently co-organized and showed work at an industrial design event (September 19). Held at the Museum of Vancouver, Why I Design was a definite success for the local industrial design community. Over 300 attendees joined 30+ designers for conversations about their work, and why they choose to do what they do in Vancouver. Designers showing work from outdoor industry brands such as Genuine Guide Gear, Norco, Arc’Teryx, Rayne Longboards, Feathercraft, Recon and Innate joined with designers from such diverse industries as water park design, furniture, sustainable burials, toys and tools. Why I Design aimed the spotlight on the process of invention. Attendees spoke with designers about how they do what they do, and why Vancouver inspires them to keep doing it.

The event was also the public launch party for the inaugural Vancouver Design Week. One of the goals of the VDW is to increase the awareness of the community in general about the design that goes on here in Vancouver. With this in mind, it was really great to see so many people come out to meet local designers and hear firsthand how some of Vancouver’s favorite products were designed.

Along with being one of the co-organizers of the event, I presented footwear from current clients Chooze Shoes and Muddy Munchkins, alongside past work done with the team at SOLE. Other organizers of the event were Pat Christie of Daly Co., Sholto Scruton of Sholto Design Studio, and Greg Dreicer of the Museum of Vancouver.

I am definitely planning on doing more design events in collaboration with the Museum of Vancouver, and I hope to see you all at these events!


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