SOLE Insulated Insoles
Industrial design, development, materials research, vendor relations, 2D CAD

The first time I used SOLE Custom Footbeds was in my ski boots. Since then I have always wanted an insulated version. Over the years we tried multiple materials: aerogel (sent one to the top of Everest with Ed Viesturs), traditional insulations, reflective foils, and even a battery-powered, heated footbed. After all the prototypes were tested, 3M Thinsulate proved the best option for under-foot insulation.

Development still took awhile once the final material was found, as attaching it to the footbed or between the layers proved a challenge. The final solution had the added benefit of revealing the insulation, at least until it is in your shoe…

3 models with varying amount of cushioning provide insulated support to everyone from skiers to ice-fishermen.