Parallam Coffee Tables
Design, hand finishing, one-of-a-kind tables

CNC’d Parallam. Hand-brushed polyurethane finish. Powder-coated, cold-rolled steel. Tempered glass (where applicable). 18” x 46” footprint. currently 3 table top designs.








The coffee tables utilize Parallam, which is normally used for long, architectural spans and prized for its strength and dimensional stability. After investigating the material and loving its very distinct grain when cut at an angle or in a curve, I experimented with CNC routering the wood to see how best to highlight this unusual appearance. To me, the shapes represent a landscape, be it a dunescape, snowscape or what ever it brings to mind for the viewer. The interesting grain revealed by carving the Parallam is a side effect of the manufacturing of the material.

Dune, with its glass surface, is only suitable as a table. Dished and River versions are also suitable as benches.

Parallam is made by Weyerhauser, here in BC. Made of 94% local Douglas fir (2nd and 3rd growth) and 6% phenol binder. Originally developed as a way to use up scrap veneer and random pieces of wood, they have developed Parallam into a more efficient use of the wood than standard lumber. It doesn’t shrink, twist or contain knots, and therefore has a more reliable strength. Made in 60′ lengths, Parallam is often used for structural beams in buildings.