MyMayu Kids’ Boots
Design, 3D CAD, Grading, Size Testing

When I met MyMayu (née Muddy Munchkins), they already had a brilliant concept and had started production on their line of kids’ boots. A rubber bottom and a waterproof fabric upper makes these boots lighter, more comfortable, less clunky, more flexible and all around better than normal rain boots for kids.

Based on this concept, I created a new design for the rubber boot for older children. The original boot matched younger children’s needs perfectly, but as kids grow their foot shape changes drastically, as well as how they run. I added deeper lugs for kids that are now truly running and dodging, more rubber underfoot to protect from roots and rocks, a longer vamp to keep the boots securely on, and a new bottom gauge to match the more adult shape of bigger kids’ feet.

Another aspect I changed was the grading, or scaling between sizes. Footwear does not scale uniformly in X,Y and Z, as your foot doesn’t grow the same amount in each direction. The grading needed to be changed for the larger sizes to match the growth of older children’s feet.

Check out their liners as well, which take these boots from the perfect, 3 season, outdoor play shoes  to year-round boots.

Thanks to Javier @MyMayu for the photos!