Chooze Kids’ Outsole Fall 2014
Design, Tech Drawings

Chooze wanted to add more traction to their standard outsole, which was a very basic design. After trying a few versions using the same, or similar, layouts with added features for traction (see the last slide), it was decided to open up the design.

The final “world” layout was inspired by one of their existing sneaker outsoles, but the textile-covered area was centered to allow the bare rubber to be placed on the toes and heel, the most important areas for traction. The textile-covering is added for decoration and for a certain customs class, that demands at least 51% of the bottom be covered in textile.

Additional branding was added to the heel, and the sides of the outsole were lowered compared to the original to make it less obtrusive and lighter.

This outsole was used on the Journey loafer (seen elsewhere in this portfolio), among other shoes.