Burton Booth
Design, research, model making, CAD.

This booth not only showcased the product line but provided merchandising guidance. The giant snowman and trampoline created additional stoke factors, while the rotating heart was an ideal spot for branding. The booth was designed to be modular, so that it could be used in different configurations for different shows. The line drawing shows the standard booth and also the largest configuration, used at just one show. The ends of the booth were capped with small stand-alone booths for Burton’s sub-brands, Backhill and RED. Although we were not allowed to cover the central truss and lighting area with stretched spandex fabric, everything else was done exactly as the concept was designed. This was a serious blue sky project, where if we could imagine it, the client could, and would, pay for it. Thus, a 20′ snowman with a rotating logo heart!

Form•Z models were done to plan out the entire booth, as well as a handmade scale model that was a huge benefit in meetings with the client and art director.

Designed while at JDK.